Nevada businesses need only look at the employee pool Nevada’s public schools are churning out to realize the importance of school choice. As a twenty-two-year teacher in the Clark County School District, I can attest to the reality, they do not prepare our children for the workforce, entrepreneurialism, and respect for authority.

Rather the public-school district puts its focus on preparing our kids for safe sex, sensible drug use, and how their parents are going to destroy the earth driving SUV’s. They also educate your future employee’s tolerance, not simply for people, but their appalling behavior as well. In other words, if your child runs out in the street and you discipline them, this indicates you dislike your child. In school, when a teacher disciplines a student, the teacher is recognized as not liking the student. They do not take into consideration the fact the kid just cussed at and threatened you. Maybe this is why there is so much hatred in America; children do not know how to love the person and hate the action.

School Choice, also known as Educational Savings Accounts (ESA’s), provides a private school choice to parents who previously could not afford it. In contrast, private schools do not focus on social subjects like public schools. Private education put’s more emphasis on academics, personal responsibility, self-control, discipline, and respect for authority.

I have heard countless stories in Nevada how businesses not only had to train new employees on how to perform their duties but also had to train them to do simple math or help them read simple 5th-grade level material. These young adults also have a lack of respect for their supervisors leading to an astounding employee turnover rate for Nevada businesses owners. If Nevada businesses truly have the desire to spend less on training their workforce, helping parents achieve school choice would be time well spent. The more students attending private school’s purports to a superior employee pool for business owners.