Why ESA’s are Education’s Best Chance

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Jim Blockey
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The Associate Press wrote an article on August 11, 2017 called “School Choice Program Raises Questions About Accountability.” It raises questions concerning transparency and accountability, because in this program, funds are raised directly from contributors who receive tax credits for their donations. The author declares “The programs are either another avenue for school choice drawing on the generosity of taxpayers, or a workaround to existing bans on giving money to religious organizations,” which is a set-up, ripe for abuse.

The Washington-based think tank’s research director, Carl Davis, compared this system to a “Money-laundering tax scheme,” and thought it was bad because the scholarship money when to those terrible “For Profit Schools.” He also stated that states give away 1 billion dollars annually in tax credits.

This is exactly why Educational Savings Accounts {ESA’s} are the way to go! Currently, every child attending public school has a little over $5,000 automatically given to the public school they attend; with the ESA’s that money is placed into a separate account specifically for each child. The parent {taxpayer} can use that money for any educational needs necessary to properly educate their child; whether it be for curriculum, books, pencils, and paper for home-schoolers or for tuition to private schools.

Personally, I would take this one step further and automatically place the money in the students account and let the parents decide where and how their child is educated. As for Mr. Davis’ concern regarding giving away $1B in tax credits; how many hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted on our public schools each year?

Our public schools, who are failing millions and millions of America’s youth each year; where is the transparency and accountability for that? Every year more and more children graduate school not being able to read or even do simple math. Ever go into a fast food restaurant when the cash register is not working? Many of the teenage workers cannot make simple change!

On the other hand, every year those children being home-schooled or attend private school, are excelling! And, all educational leaders are concerned about is whether a student may be learning about Christianity or whether some school is making money! In other words, our educational leaders simply are not concerned with student’s productivity; they only want to keep them under their control, in their failing school system.

By the way, this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so why making money and religious instruction are deemed so negative, is beyond me. I guess the public schools have really failed in teaching America’s history?

By Jim Blockey

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  1. debralynn October 20, 2017 at 8:07 pm - Reply

    Thank you Mr. Blockey! Keep up the fight and continue to educate the public about how important the ESA’s are for our country. Please continue to speak up until the public understands that we deserve choice on how to raise and educate our children.

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