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The Real Chamber of Commerce exists to promote a business-friendly environment through the free enterprise system, a basic principle of our nation’s founding. Unfortunately, chambers all across America have left behind this basic principle and have embraced and supported policies that favor special interests and destroy businesses and opportunities for all Americans.

The Real Chamber of Commerce offers a network of mutual support for the entrepreneurs and civic leaders who comprise our membership. Together, our membership works to ensure that the pathway to success remains open to future generations and for every prospective new entrepreneur.

It is our firm belief that collusion and cronyism between government and business leaders is not a viable path to sustainable economic development. Our members have walked the path to success, and are acutely aware that society grows stronger and more prosperous in a competitive environment, in which continuous innovations and ideas improve the marketplace. We offer support and direction to those who wish to partner with us in building a prosperous society.

Consistent with this message, we believe that the removal of excessive government regulation and taxation and ending public subsidies and cronyism will create an environment in which businesses and opportunities will flourish.

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