Real Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome a new Ambassador partner, Russ Kelley.  Real Chamber of Commerce leadership team members and Russ met during the planning of the recent Charity Golf Tournament hosted by the ACF Chefs-Las Vegas, NV Chapter. Russ, as an Advisory Board member with the ACF Chefs, engaged Real Chamber of Commerce to help sponsor the Charity Golf event to benefit ACF Chefs for Kids and Three Square.  Real Chamber of Commerce quickly learned that Russ, whether it’s as an Advisory Board Member for ACF Chefs or as Director of Optimization for Better my POS, is a consummate professional and can be trusted to represent any group or organization at its very best.
As an Ambassador for Real Chamber of Commerce, Russ will keep us informed of new charity opportunities; not only for Real Chamber of Commerce but also for our members, any other similar opportunities with any of his professional contacts.  If Real Chamber of Commerce members is looking for a new POS system, we will provide Better My POS as a member resource for our Real Chamber of Commerce members.  Likewise, Russ will act in an Advisory capacity for issues, events, and anything “What’s Happening” in Las Vegas.
In addition to being an Ambassador for Real Chamber of Commerce and an Advisory Board member with ACF Chefs, Russ is also the Director of Optimization Better My POS.  Russ started at Better My POS, with his close friend Wendy Timmel.   Better My POS is a solution based company that really cares about their clients’ success. Russ would be very happy to provide Real Chamber of Commerce members a no-cost evaluation on your existing POS (Point of Sale) whether you have a restaurant or bar, fast casual or white linen, Better My POS can help!  Learn more about how Better My POS can help your business by clicking on the following link –
Russ Kelley