Soon, Tide laundry detergent will be shipped in a shoe box. This is part of Proctor & Gamble’s drive to adapt to online deliveries.

P&G presented the new “Tide Eco-Box” on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018. The new packaging features a built-in-twist-off tap to pour the detergent out, a pull-out stand, and a measuring cup. The liquid detergent, which contains less water than regular Tide, comes in a separately sealed bag.

The shoe box uses 60 percent less plastic than shipping a 150-ounce bottle of Tide since no additional layers of cardboard boxing and bubble wrap. It is lighter and smaller, taking up less space in the delivery trucks saving P&G money on shipping.

Global packaging director for the market research form Mintel David Luttenberger said the size is perfect for an e-commerce supply chain. “It’s an easy package for nearly any consumer to pick it up, manipulate the opening features, and dispense from.”

The Tide Eco-Box will join the Tide lineup on Amazon, Walmart’s website, and other P&G retail partners’ sites starting in January.

P&G owns large brands like Gillette, Old Spice, Pampers, Dawn, and Head & Shoulders. The parent company has been working to address challenges of shipping more products to the homes of shoppers.

Last year P&G’s digital sales grew 30 percent to $4.5 billion. They make up 7 percent of the world’s largest consumer conglomerate.

The company organized a unit within its fabric care business, which includes Ariel and Downy, dedicated to digital innovations.

Vice President of P&G’s North American Fabric Care business Sundar Raman said that this is a different approach then they have previously taken in the past.

Consumer products’ manufacturers hesitate to tweak the smallest details of their brands’ design to avoid turning off the customer. However, they have had to rethink their packaging for online shipments and pressure from Amazon’s strict shipping standards, according to Luttenberger.

Online shipping raises the chances that liquid products will leak or spill along the supply chain. The products are packed, unpacked, and bundled together with other things more often on the route to the homes of customers. Online deliveries rely more on heavily on carboard and plastic, added environmental and sustainability risks.

In response, P&G developed a new AeroFlexx package for liquid products like Dawn and Old Spice.

The cap-less bottle and flatter design uses 50 percent less plastic and does not need bubble wrap ship. P&G states, the more flexible bottle makes it easier to pour and convenient to use with one hand.

By Jeanette Smith


CNN: Why Proctor & Gamble will start delivering Tide in a shoe box

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