What Does ‘Pro-business’ Mean?

What makes a state or a policy “pro-business”? Many believe it is this simple:

  • Abolishing the minimum wage
  • Lower corporate taxes
  • Less regulations that dictate how a business must be compliant or face penalties and/or fines
  • Fostering new business opportunities, private enterprise, and competition
  • Promote improving Nevada’s education system, at all levels, to improve our labor market

Real Chamber of Commerce believes these are all pro-business policies and strategies most entrepreneurs support. However, many politicians and lobbyists will maintain that they are “pro-business”, yet work to thwart and prevent such policies.  It is happening at this moment at the current legislative session in Carson City.

Our elected leaders want to significantly increase minimum wage, create laws that require businesses to spend money to adapt to these new laws and regulations or face fines, and even go so far as to stifle competition and “ban” new businesses! Let’s face it: businesses in Nevada need help. And “Real” help is on the horizon.

Real Chamber of Commerce does not just give “lip service” to pro-business policies. Real Chamber of Commerce provides “real service” by actively promoting pro-business policies at local and state levels in Nevada.

But, maybe there is more to being “pro-business”!

Perhaps we could envision some pro-business strategies to include such strategies as:

  • Investing in training your workforce
  • Maintaining infrastructure, safety and civil rights, all at reasonable levels that do not hinder a business, rather lifts them up
  • Rewarding and celebrating the scientific process that leads to scalable breakthroughs, productivity and a stable path to the future for your business and Nevada
  • Promoting new business opportunities for out of state businesses to relocate to Nevada

If Nevada wants to significantly increase minimum wage, create laws that require a business to spend money to adapt to the new law or face fines, or even “ban” new businesses, Real Chamber of Commerce will be your advocate to fight for pro-business legislation! Real Chamber of Commerce opposes these type of anti-business policies! We must work together to make Nevada businesses prosper!

Let’s look at just two (2) new proposals being discussed in Carson City right now, and ask you, does this help your business and the state of Nevada, grow and prosper?

Fracking Ban – There is no scientific evidence that Fracking, in Nevada, will cause all of the problems being suggested in hearings.  What we do know is Fracking will bring new jobs, at higher wages, to areas of Nevada that desperately need jobs.  Oh, by the way, those jobs pay taxes!  The “fear tactics” are just that “fear” without any proof.  Real Chamber opposes the Fracking Ban bill being discussed in this Legislative session.

Minimum Wage – There are several bills supporting an increase in the minimum wage, an unskilled, entry level wage, to increase to as much as $15 per hour!  There is no doubt where many of our members stand, some will shut-down completely, and some will reduce staff, to keep the business open.  These are not options we should face!  Real Chamber of Commerce stands against increasing the minimum wage or even calling it a “living wage”!

Real Chamber of Commerce supports all businesses and we are pro-growth!  While many business organizations say they are “pro-business”, Real Chamber backs it up.  We have spoken out, testified and rallied supporters to help support many of issues to support a “Pro-business” Nevada!

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