Michael L. McDonald is the Republican candidate for Assembly District 20. As a native Nevadan, he cares deeply about the policies affecting his neighbors and the state.

He is concerned about the proposed change to Nevada’s constitution, SJR14, that will significantly increase property taxes in the state. When elected, Michael will vote no when this bill comes up for a vote in 2019.

As a dad, he clearly understands the need for Nevada’s schools to be improved. He believes in school choice and supports Educational Savings Account (ESA) program. Michael also, feels it is crucial to ensure all the funding allotted to the school are used for the education of Nevada’s children.

Michael is an activist, he knows how to rally support, and clearly state his position. When representing AD20 in Carson City, he will work across party lines to secure their best interests.

He is passionate about the need for the overhaul of the Family Court system, which blatantly neglects the needs of each party involved, especially the needs of the children.

Michael will bring his can-do attitude with him to Carson City. He knows what needs to be done and he believes legislators should pass laws will work toward the advancement of the State and its citizens.