The Real Chamber will advocate on behalf of businesses both large and small. Your business will be represented at the state level and local level through the promotion of pro-business legislation.

2017 Nevada Legislative Session

The Real Chamber of Commerce supports the following legislation:

  • SJR7 Urges Congress to enact legislation transferring title to certain public lands to the State of Nevada
  • SB380 Enacts provisions prohibiting gifts from lobbyists to members of certain local legislative bodies
  • SB335 Establishes provisions authorizing public-private partnerships for certain projects

The Real Chamber of Commerce opposes the following legislation:

  • SJR 6 Increasing the Minimum Wage Via a Constitutional Amendment
  • SJR14 Proposed amendment to the Nevada State Constitution that removes property tax caps and depreciation, greatly increasing property taxes
  • AB 271 Mandating Collective Bargaining
  • AB 206 Increasing the “Renewable” Energy Mandate
  • SB 196 Mandating Employer-Provided Sick Leave
  • AB 408 Preserving Obamacare
  • AB 175 Mandating Employer-Provided Health Benefits
  • AB 374 Establishing Universal Health Care
  • SB 173 Mandating Wages for Charter School Construction
  • SB 464 Forcing the Hiring of Union Workers
  • AB 303 Banning Private Prisons
  • SB 384 Reducing Government Pension Transparency
  • AB274 Enacts the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote