As reported today by 360Daily, Nevada Republican Candidate for Governor, Adam Laxalt, may wish he had done some preliminary polling before endorsing Michael Roberson for Lt. Governor.

Laxalt endorsed Roberson early on, and the pair are campaigning together as a ticket. They currently appear together in TV ads. Much like in presidential races. However, the offices are completely separate, and voters are free to vote for a Republican Governor and a Democrat Lt. Governor or vise versa or another Republican candidate. Voting for Laxalt is not an automatic vote for Roberson, who needs to win all by himself, to go on to the general election in November.

According to 360Daily, a recent poll taken this past week shows Roberson lacks favorable ratings by likely primary voters. In fact, Roberson scored just 18 percent. His strongest opponent, former Assemblyman Brent Jones, came in at 41 percent in favorable ratings. Roberson is down a whopping 23 percent to Jones.

That has to have the Laxalt team regretting any formal endorsement for the unpopular former State Senator Michael Roberson.

Roberson has lost before. In 2016 he ran for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. Roberson raised tremendous amounts of money and outspent his rival, Danny Tarkanian, nearly 5 to 1. However, he lost badly to Tarkanian in the primary.

In the same poll sighted by 360Daily, voters were asked: If the election were held today, who would you vote for Lt. Governor? Roberson won only 11.4 percent to Jones’ 23 percent. A large number of likely voters remained undecided.

Jones has a reputation of standing up against the establishment. He was very vocal in his opposition to the enormous tax hike pushed by then-Majority Leader and State Senator Michael Roberson. Jones referred to the tax as a “betrayal after trust” on the Assembly floor in the 2015 session.

Jones also introduced pro-school choice legislation and a bill to end the use of Common Core in Nevada’s educational system. As many as 33 states have repealed Common Core Standards because of its failure to educate. Roberson refused to allow a vote on Jones’ assembly bill to end Common Core. Nevada continues to rank dead last among the states in education. Jones voted for the Educational Savings Accounts (ESA) and in a special session worked to get the legislation funded. However, as Majority Leader, Roberson blocked funding the ESA measure.

In 2015 the Republicans held a majority in the State Senate and Assembly. The largest tax hike in the Silver State’s history was authored, pushed, and passed by establishment Republicans with Roberson leading the pack.

The State Senator’s past voting record and actions have left many Republicans skeptical and doubting his current campaign platform.

For instance, Roberson’s main issue seems to be that he opposes sanctuary cities. Voters are having a hard time believing this is his actual stance, especially when as a State Senator he voted for pro-amnesty legislation and authored a bill to give illegals a Nevada Drivers License.

The state is now learning that some illegals are using the state issued ID to register to vote. The state has no way to track if some of these same illegals are voting.

Additionally, in 2010, when Roberson first sought elected office, he signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and campaigned with the Tea Party movement claiming he would end the “Sunset Taxes.” However, after a short period of holding office, he reversed his stance and came out in favor of making the “Sunset Taxes” permanent.

The recent polling reported today by 360Daily seems to indicate voters are aware of Roberson’s record and their utter disgust with his flip-flopping.

It appears odd that for such a principal office as Governor, Adam Laxalt would go out on a limb for Roberson without doing a little polling himself about how voters would respond to an endorsement.

A memo released by NV Dems suggest there is another hurdle in order for Laxalt to ultimately win the general election, specifically, because of third party candidate Ryan Bundy. Bundy has a large following with rural Nevada voters that stems from the infamous “Bundy Standoff.”

Reports indicate that Bundy reached out to Attorney General Adam Laxalt for help at the time Nevada Ranchers were under attack from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM.) Laxalt ignored Bundy’s request for help. In fact, several ranchers were imprisoned over the incident for nearly two years. Recently, most have been freed, and all charges have been dropped.

In Nevada, Democrats out register Republicans. Laxalt will need every Republican vote, and additional votes from independents and third party registered voters to win.

Laxalt is still seen by many as the best chance to keep a Republican Governor in Nevada, but chances are high that he will have Brent Jones for a Lt. Governor.

We reached out to frontrunner Jones who reports he “would be honored to work with Adam Laxalt.” Jones believes he and Laxalt are more aligned on the issues then Laxalt and Roberson. “I am optimistic,” said Jones. He went on to say that Roberson is “well funded by the establishment, but I have a better voting record and I kept my campaign promises…; voters know my record.”

Written by Guardian LV Team


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