Jerry Littman Vice President

Jerry first retired in 2007 after a successful career with DIRECTV; a Fortune 100 Company. Jerry relocated to Las Vegas and started his own Company, Vertical Solutions. Jerry sold Vertical Solutions to an Ohio company: SkyClimber. After his second “retirement,” Jerry began focusing on grassroots political activities. The Real Chamber of Commerce offers Jerry the opportunity to combine his extensive business experience of both a corporate employee and a small business owner, with his grassroots political experience.

As an accomplished business executive with extensive experience managing operational aspects, solving business problems, and creating growth opportunities. From a fortune 500 employee to a small business owner with experience in Nevada politics, Jerry understands the need for a pro-business environment. Less taxation, fewer regulations, and free market principles will create the best environment for businesses, to not only succeed, but thrive!

From large complex corporate environment or a small business owner struggling to make payroll, Nevada needs a business climate where business owners can focus on growing their business. Spending resources of time and money on introducing strategic and tactical solutions that improve their competitive performance, increase revenues, and market share profits creates growth. In Nevada, business owners are forced to use valuable time and income trying to figure out the newest set of burdensome regulations, or how to adjust their budgets to cover a new revenue tax. Employers are unable to reward their workforce more dollars to feed their families and provide discretionary dollars for their families to enjoy!

Jerry brings his diverse background and experience to Nevada businesses by way of the Real Chamber of Commerce. Bringing all businesses a network of business owners with a diversity of experience and talent will offer access to resources presently unknown. Additionally, educating business owners to understand how legislation can either help or hurt their bottom line is necessary.
Jerry believes in Nevada and clearly, knows the backbone of our economy is not just the large casinos or the mining industry, rather the much smaller and medium-sized businesses, all working together, can make Nevada great again!