Diana Orrock: Real Chamber Committee Member

Diana is married and the mother of three grown children. Diana worked hard to put herself through college at UNLV, earning two degrees. In 1975, she was the first female criminalist hired by the Las Vegas METRO Police Department’s Crime Lab. After receiving her second degree, she went on to become a Pediatric R. N. and nursing educator.

Diana has lived in Las Vegas for 53 years when this great city consisted of but a few hotels/casinos operated by the mob in the middle of the desert. She has witnessed first-hand how entrepreneurs and businesspeople with courage and a vision transformed this small desert oasis into the Entertainment Capital of the World. With her deep roots in the state, she has a broad range of real-life experience, and knows the political “game” and isn’t going to be blindsided or sidelined by its rough and tumble atmosphere.

Philosophically, Diana is a solid constitutional conservative who, like the Founders, believes that the least government is the best government and that government shouldn’t do for people what people can and should do for themselves. It’s that kind of frontier self-responsibility that built this country into the great nation that it is today, and hopefully, will continue to be for generations to come.
That said, Diana recognizes that there are necessary government functions – such as courts and public safety – and our community has a responsibility to take care of those among us who can’t take care of themselves.

She is no “newbie” to Nevada politics. She currently serves as Nevada’s Republican National Committeewoman and is a member of the RNC’s Standing Committee on Rules, and is a member of the RNC Conservative Steering Committee. Additionally, Diana is a member of both Clark County and Nevada Republican Central Committees. Serving as a Board Member for both the Clark County and Nevada GOP, she was the congressional coordinator for Nevada Patriots, the 2011 Chairwoman of the Clark County Lincoln Day Dinner Committee, and a Precinct Caucus Chair in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.