Do you recall the days when a man’s word equated to his bond? Brent Jones, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor of Nevada is known for his integrity, speaking out against the establishment and backing up what he says with action. It is not the time to question if Brent Jones is ready for the second highest office in Nevada, but rather is Nevada prepared for the no nonsense leadership only Jones is able to deliver.

Brent JonesBrent Jones is the co-founder and CEO of The Real Chamber of Commerce and a successful business owner. As a beloved husband and cherished father, he understands the intimate concerns and challenges of providing for a family in today’s economic climate. Therefore, Jones’ bid for Lt. Governor of Nevada is founded on practical wisdom, forward-thinking solutions, and value-adding principles.

Those principles include giving the power of education back to the teachers and parents, reducing regulations on businesses and lowering taxes. The former 35th District Assemblyman believes a strong economy is the result of a pro-business environment. Wherein potential business owners are attracted to because of a strong, viable, and educated workforce. As the CEO of The Real Chamber, Jones is instrumental in the advancement of society through free and open enterprise. As a small business owner, he has created jobs, therefore, he understands how over taxation and regulation can be stumbling blocks to providing competitive wages and sustainable profitability.

It is our firm belief that protectionist collusion between government and business leaders is not a viable path to sustained economic development. Our members have walked the path to success, and are acutely aware that society grows stronger and more prosperous in a competitive environment, culminating in continual innovative ideas being added to the marketplace. Consistent with this message, we believe that removal of excessive regulation and taxation, would remove the need for public subsidies to unprofitable firms and support ending all forms of cronyism that prevents the private market from flourishing!

Jones’ Views on the Top Issues

Many see educating children as a partnership between parents and teachers. Jones is pro-school choice and strongly defends placing the power of choice into the hands of parents, in addition to providing the necessary resources for teachers to be an effective component of that partnership. The Republican candidate also supports the educational savings account, believing this would help the poor and working class have substantially better access to education. Jones also wants to repeal Common Core, giving Nevada students the opportunity to once again excel and move up from last place, compared to the rest of the country.

It must be clear, Jones is not anti-public education, however, as a parent, he feels that parents deserve to have more influence on the future of their children by allowing them to decide where to educate their children.

Since the standard Republican platform is to encourage lower taxes and limited government, one might ask why Jones’ opponent Michael Roberson (R) voted for the largest tax increase in the history of Nevada. In spite of the fact that he, along with Jones, signed the No Tax Pledge. While serving as an Assemblyman of the 35th District, Jones unashamedly referred to it as a “betrayal after trust,” in the closing moments of a debate prior to the vote.

Jones says, “As a small business owner, I understand completely how over-regulation and excessive taxation hurts businesses. It is a proven fact, not mere speculation that over regulation and increased taxes kill job creation.” The answer is finding solutions to create a growing economy that yields prosperity for all, not raising taxes, according to Jones.

The NRA has issued an A rating to Jones because of his strong support of the Second Amendment. In fact, despite the recent protests for more gun control, Jones sides with common sense. For instance, he supported Senate Bill 175 allowing adult students with a concealed carry permit to keep their firearms while on campus. Roberson killed the initiative, helping to further the agenda of those who want to change or abolish the right to bear arms.

Jones’ Voting Record Speaks to his Integrity

Brent JonesThe American Conservative Union (ACU) researches and selects a range of bills before state legislatures to determine a member’s adherence to conservative values and principles. The bills are focused on Ronald Reagan’s three-legged stool philosophy:

  1. Fiscal and economic: taxes, budgets, regulations, spending, healthcare, and property;
  2. Social and cultural: 2nd amendment, religion, welfare, life, and education;
  3. Government integrity: voting, privacy, individual liberty, and transparency.

The wide array of issues are designed to provide citizens a clear picture of which leaders in their respective legislatures best defend the principles of a free society: Life, liberty, and prosperity.

Brent Jones, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor of Nevada received a rating of 94 percent from the ACU. Proving yet again, integrity in government still matters.

By Jireh Gibson