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Bob Treska started out making caramel popcorn with his parents. It became a hobby, and he would share his homemade caramel corn with his co-workers. A little over five years ago, on March 31, 2013, with the urging of his co-workers, Treska turned his hobby into a business.

Angelicious Popcorn is named after his first grandchild, Angeleah. However, he says there are two things he did not consider: 1. The name of the company is often spelled incorrectly and 2. He would have more grandchildren.

I asked Treska how he came up with some of his crazy popcorn flavors. He said, “That was pretty simple. We took our caramel base and just added different flavoring. We took something delicious, or you could say Angelicious, and created a bit of variety.”

Treska and his family have fun personalizing their Angelicious Popcorn labels for their customers. People love having their picture on stuff, so with their picture on delicious Angelicious Popcorn, it is perfect for any occasion.

Angelicious Popcorn has been providing Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club’s popcorn since 2013, with a personalized label. They also provide the popcorn, with customized labels, for the Hoover Dam Café.

The popcorn company has held fundraisers for groups through a simple order form. The group collects the orders and when it is ready, the Angelicious Popcorn label says, “Thank you” from the group. It is a win win. The group makes 50 percent of the sale and the buyer gets delicious tasting popcorn.

A variety of companies use Angelicious Popcorn to say, “Thank you.” It has also been used as a door opener, and a gift with the company logo and information on the label.

Angelicious Popcorn has made party favors for all types of events. They have also hosted popcorn bars and hope to grow their online presence.

The popcorn company is a family-owned business that Treska absolutely loves.

Angelicious Popcorn offers a 20 percent military discount and hopes to offer other groups discounts in the future.

Angelicious Popcorn will customize your labels for any occasion. They will place your picture, brand, logo, or message on their popcorn for the perfect combination. You choose the label and the flavor and Angelicious Popcorn does the rest. The popcorn company offers a wide and unique variety of flavors to suit any taste, making them a great favor for promotions, parties, events, branding, client thank yous, and so much more.

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