Aimee Jones: Communications Director

Aimee is no stranger to hard work and success. At age 17, she began working at Remax Associates, the largest Remax Real Estate office in Las Vegas, performing administrative duties, while attending school at night to obtain her Real Estate License. After earning her License, she worked in the California real estate business for ten years. During that time, Aimee managed a new home community (Brookfield Homes.) Aimee also worked as a Title Representative for “Lawyers Title,” a Fortune 500 company, where she worked her way up to be one of the top three sales reps in Ventura County, CA.

Currently, Aimee is the VP of sales and distribution within the family owned business, Real Water. Aimee has an impressive background in sales as well as vast experience in managing the production operations at the corporate headquarters in Las Vegas. She also oversees all aspects of the human resources division including hiring. Aimee has executive experience in managing several areas of the business. Business executive, wife, and mother, rounds out her qualities and expertise in sales and her managerial background.

Additionally, Aimee has spent some time anchoring from the news desk of NEWSMAXTV- Las Vegas. You can find her informative thought provoking news reports online at Her reports, in video form, were posted on social media where they made quite a splash gathering thousands of views.