March 17, 2017


Roundtable Event: AAP and AFP Calls on Nevada’s Congressional Delegation to Oppose the Border Adjustment Tax
BAT Would Increase Costs on Consumers and Jeopardize Jobs

Las Vegas, NV – Earlier today, a group of concerned Nevadans, including small business owners, retailers, and political activists, held a roundtable luncheon in Las Vegas to discuss opposition to the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT), which, if enacted, will hurt local businesses, employees and consumers. The event was hosted by Americans for Affordable Products (AAP).

“If a Border Adjustment Tax is enacted, Nevada’s business community will suffer,” said Jerry Littman, Vice President of the Real Chamber of Commerce. “Increasing the cost of imports will dramatically alters the bottom lines for many, and could dissuade much-needed growth, as we continue to emerge from the 2008 financial crisis. A BAT would set us back.”

The BAT is a component of U.S. House GOP tax reform plans, and calls for a 20 percent tax on imported goods, increasing the costs of everyday products, like food, medicine, clothing and gasoline by $1,700 per person.

“The Border Adjustment Tax will punish retailers and consumers, alike,” said Bryan Watcher, senior vice president of the Retail Association of Nevada. “A 20 percent tax on imported goods will leave retailers with no choice but to raise prices or downsize, or they risk shuttering their doors altogether.”

The BAT would be felt immediately in the pocketbooks of middle-class Americans, effectively amounting to a $1 trillion tax that would punish employers, consumers, and the American economy.

“Shifting the cost of corporate tax reform onto the backs of working Americans is no way to spur growth and economic development,” said Juan Martinez, state director of Americans for Prosperity Nevada joining the discussion. “Our representatives in Washington need to make their constituents a priority, and not allow large exporters to rake in millions, if not billions of dollars, while the average American suffers harmful cost increases.”

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