Business need to be constantly improving to compete in the market. Here are some tips that offer the biggest gain for business owners and employees.

1. Keep Track of the Numbers
It is important to have accurate knowledge of the daily, weekly, and monthly numbers. It is equally important to follow the financial trends of the business and the industry. Track current cash flow. If financial skills are lacking in the business, an accountant can help, however, it is imperative to be involved and understand regular updates.

2. Set Goals and Objectives
Use goals as a planning tool. This will ensure the business is on the right track. Keeping track of goals and objectives can save time and money while be business moves in the right direction.

3. High Impact Marketing Strategy
Low-budget high-impact marketing can improve small businesses. It is best to test a couple tactics to determine which one would perform the best before paying for the service.

4. Master the Business Presentation
A powerful business presentation can improve any business exponentially.

5. Monitor Business Trends
Changes in the global landscape have great impact on businesses. Owners must remain current with global trends in the industry as well as the local community.

6. Sharpen Selling Skills
“A high return area for business improvement is the sales function,” according to The Balance. Keenly focus on sales improvement.

7. Find the Best Practices
Do not reinvent the wheel. Every industry has tried-and-true ways of doing things. Using these tested practices will save time and money.

8. Motivate Employees
Find talented and self-motivated staff. They can naturally improve the business. Then, learn what motivates them to bring them to higher levels of performance.

9. Know Limitations
Successful business owners know their limits. It is also important to have a clear understanding of their own entrepreneurial personality type. This will help manage resources and secure areas of weakness.

10. Know When to Take a Break
Sometimes the best way for business owners to re-ignite their passion is to take a vacation. Renewal can improve the business in impressive ways. Do not be afraid to take a break.

11. Automate Tasks
Pay stubs, receipts, anything that can be automated. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity to business success. It saves time and frustration. According to Sathvik Tantry of FormSwift, “Automating monotonous tasks saves your employees time and allows them to do more productive tasks that require critical thinking or a human touch.” In the long run, automating tasks cuts costs and improves business efficiency.

12. Encourage Employees to Communicate
It may seem easier to send an email or a text but sometimes the back-and-forth can take longer than a quick face-to-face chat. Google Chat and Skype are a couple of online tools that can help build communication and are helpful in getting that quick message to a co-worker. However, interacting face-to-face can speed up problem solving issues, receiving an answer to a quick question, or obtaining clarification.

Encouraging employees to talk to each other will keep the flow of information open. This will also build the team if communication is open and the information is flowing in a way that allows for clear and accurate information sharing.

There are many ways to improve business and continue on the track to success. These 13 are just a start but all of them should be put into regular practice.

By Jeanette Smith


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Image Courtesy of Funpack’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License